Short on Budget? Go to these Beach Destinations

The greatest things in life are free. Atlantic City does offer great tourist spots without demanding for big bucks sliding off your wallet. These beach destinations are ideal for people who are trying to stay within budget but still have a good time in Atlantic City. The entrance to these beaches could be as low as $6 without using a booking discount code to secure your slot. All you need is a towel to get you started in having a whole day fun at the beach.


The Peaceful Gunnison’s Beach

Gunnison’s beach is a federally controlled land. So, it’s quite more peaceful here than other beaches in Atlantic City. You can surf in peace and even rent in an Amsterdam sightseeing boat without worrying about pesky people who may ruin your vacation. Gunnison’s beach is definitely the go-to place of surfers because of its nude surface. It’s free from rocks and other hindrances in your surfing. When we say nude, there are also people who like to sunbathe without their clothes on. This beach is peaceful and liberating at the same time.

Cape May Beach

beachIt’s one of the beaches of Atlantic City that offers a Victorian style and feel. You can spend a lazy afternoon here while staring at the sunset. Within the area, there are elegant spots you can go to like the National Historic Landmark and there are cheap hotels in Amsterdam for accommodation. You should visit this area in Christmas season because it holds the winter’s West Cape May Christmas Parade and fall’s restaurant week year-round. The locals are excited and anticipating for these events because there will be food and beer with a discount.

Long Branch Beach

This beach is for travelers who have a limited budget yet want to get a taste of fresh seafood. After a few walks from the beach, you’ll find restaurants serving the freshest clams and seafood. You can also find here the Seven Presidents Park. It is complete with showers, picnic areas, and outdoor amenities. In summer, they host free summer concerts with a good mix of Latin, rock, funk, and blues that will get you ready for dancing in no time.