Off The Boardwalk Restaurants, You Should Try in Atlantic City

You will never have enough of Atlantic City. This city is rich in culture, great food and cheap buys for a traffic of tourists on a budget. Whether you like Chinese cuisine, Greek food, and classic American food, you can get them all here. The boardwalk is famous for its fine dining restaurants, but little did you know that there are old restaurants located off the boardwalk that has been serving great food. Some of them do have Michelin stars.


Tony Baloney’s Pizza

This restaurant is known for its pizza. The quality of taste you can get here is equivalent to the quality of pizza you’ll get in Italy and Amsterdam city canal bus roundtrip. You should look for Mike. The locals here know him well because he can slay the amazing pies and top them off with the freshest and tastiest ingredients in Atlantic City. He likes to experiment. So, this pizza restaurant is a great option for visitors who are not afraid to be adventurous when it comes to food. He can incorporate the sloppy joe, pad thai, and other unusual flavors you cannot get from somewhere else.

The Irish Pub

wineIt’s the perfect example of, “don’t judge the book by its cover”. On the outside, it looks like just an ordinary, old restaurant. But on the inside, there’s a massive Utopian style restaurant who serves the best-crafted beer and Irish cuisines. You should try their Killer Reuben and steak fries and pickles. Their unique website visitors are always looking for “what’s new” in their menu because these guys serve unique food combinations and fabulous drinks fit a for a hungry yet taste discriminating travelers.

Angelonis 2

Are you looking for a place to drink? Angelonis 2 might be the answer. This restaurant is the locals to go to for wine and exquisite margaritas and drinks. The bar itself is quite entertaining with their good choice for music and theme. After a long walk in Atlantic City, find this bar to have a relaxed yet sophisticated evening with the company of wine and locally-crafted beverages.