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Personalized Tours

If there’s any touring company that can bring you that personalized tour, it would be the Atlantic City Entertainment. We don’t go for the usual tour. We personally don’t like the boring walks and talks which you normally get from a city walking tour package. Let us tell you why we are different.

Choose Us, 3 Reasons Why:

We are Experienced Travelers

Atlantic City is our home city, yet we’ve been traveling the world for years. We know when we are truly getting to know our destinations’ culture and life. It’s like a traveler’s intuition – without using a tour bus map. Since we’ve been travelers ourselves, we know what you are looking for. Besides, traveling becomes more fun when you are surrounded by like-minded people. We have a growing community of travelers, too. So, you’ll meet diverse and dynamic acquaintances who can celebrate with you during your stay.

Cards are Our Kind of Jam

If you think you are good at blackjack or any other card game, the challenge is on. Atlanta City is the home of ferocious gamblers who can bring up your A game in the game of cards. Casinos here are classy like the dinner cruise Amsterdam giving you that nostalgic feeling as if you are in the pre-gambling days. Don’t wonder why we are great card players. Atlantic City’s specialty surrounds in casinos for over 100 years. It makes sense that we know our cards well. Casinos are not a bad place when you have self-control which is something we can teach you.

How About a Warm Welcome?

Atlantic City Entertainment is so serious in giving you personalized treatment to the point that we’ll start right away from the moment you arrive at the airport. Our friend Ben will be there to pick you up and drive you to a restaurant we pre-selected for you, so we can do meet and greet. You don’t have to feel alone in a big city such as Atlantic City when your friends waiting for you.